February 26, 2017

Managed Services

Making your ICT management EASY.

With EZPC.Systems Managed Services you can make your ICT EASY by having us manage as little or as much as you like. Or better still let us tailor a solution for your needs, it’s EASY, just tell us what you want managed and then let us do all the work for you so you can get back to the business you know best, your business. We also offer a “Pay as you go” service as well as Managed Services.


What exactly is Managed Services?

A Managed Service is where you pay us to manage your ICT needs. Basically you make us responsible for the reliability and effectiveness of your computer systems and lets you concentrate on your key business. We manage all issues, queries and we deal with all third parties on your behalf. We then report Monthly to you on our actions so you are always kept up to date. We also make sure that you know what is happening at the time and help you to innovate your business.


How much does it cost?

Our smallest Managed Service agreement is set at $250 per month, and scales up to tailor for your business needs. At EZPC.Systems we do not offer levels of support as we believe in tailoring our services to our client’s needs. As most calls are covered under the agreement, businesses gain efficiencies and raise their profits through our contact and proactive actions.


Cost comparison


Business Size – 2 workstations Pay as you go Managed Services
Cost $110 to $125 per hour $250 per month
2hrs Monthly average service call $220 to $250 $250
8hrs Monthly average service call $880 to $1000 $250
Business Size – 5 workstations and 1 Server Pay as you go Managed Services
Cost $110 to $125 per hour $300 per month
8hrs Monthly average service call $880 to $1000 $300
20hrs Monthly average service call $2200 to $2500 $300


  • Prices used are only an example for illustration purposes and should not be used as a reference for a quotation. Other issues effect the price and will be considered.
  • The “Pay as you go” does not include the additional services that we include as part of our offer such as innovation recommendation to help you innovate your business or proactive actions that stop outages and raise your profits


We support the following and more


Servers Networks Users Information Security
Workstations Devices Printers Data Protection




We have the ability to provide;

Email alerts


24X7 monitoring Monthly reports and consultations


The ability to resolve issues at first point of call


Remote or on-site assistance


A single contact point for all issues




Key benefits of Managed Services

Maximise ROI


Reduce risk


Simplify management of IT


Streamline supplier management


Innovate with new technologies


Access diverse and specialised IT skills




We’re part of your team

Due to our size and focus when you contact us you get to talk to the person you need and not a call centre desk. We like to think of ourselves as part of your team and can be approached for any issue or query no matter how large and complex or small and trivial we can make it EASY for you.