Why is my computer running slow?

Over time computers slow down due to various reasons. The following are the most common, listed in order of impact.


If your computer has a virus or Malware (Malicious Software) this can dramatically decrease the performance of your computer because all of your computers speed and power is being used by the virus or Malware.


Over time you install and remove applications, but unfortunately parts of those applications are left behind. What then happens is that your computer see’s the left over parts and tries to run them. These left over parts eventually fail but in the meantime your computer speed and power is used for applications that no longer exist slowing down your computer

Storage Space

To assist the speed of your computer part of the hard drive is used as Virtual Memory (RAM). If your hard drive is getting full then the size of this Virtual Memory is decreased and the speed of your computer is reduced.


People’s perceptions often change with time as well. What was super quick 20 years ago, today will be extremely slow to the point of being unusable.


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